Peter Dooley Fine Art Photography


"Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same"


Brian Jackman  

Richtersveld landscapes - Sentinel

Reconnecting you with nature through fine art photography


My name is Peter Dooley and I bring the raw beauty of the African landscape into your space so that you too can enjoy the extraordinary experience of nature. 



Having the right artwork on your walls will reconnect you to special memories of your tranquil experiences in the un-spoiled African landscape.

Having these works printed in Black and White adds an uncluttered quiet aesthetic to your space.


If that sounds appealing, then I have the right piece for you.



What I Offer


I offer authentic traditional Limited Edition fine art photography prints of museum quality in an elegant collection of black and white African landscapes to complete any room. 


My work is suitable for large volume spaces that require captivating statement pieces or smaller works for your intimate private spaces to elevate their aestetic effect.


True Archival Black and White Prints.

Framing and mounting services of exceptional quality.


My work features original authentic photographs of real places captured by me in the African landscape.

Designed to connect the viewer emotionally with the uncomplicated slow pace of nature. 


And as a bonus, you get Free Shipping of all fine art prints, to all major centers, worldwide


Extra Large prints are available as special orders on request. Contact me directly to discuss your needs 


In addition to the individual art collector, my work is ideal for:


Home owners seeking to elevate the aesteic effect of their intimate living spaces 

Large volume interior spaces both professional and residential that require captivating statement pieces.

High end interior decorators and architects looking for exclusive and unique artwork

Hospitality businesses (Ideal for the lobby, lounge, or guest rooms)

Professional and Corporate office and business owners

South Africans living abroad that are missing home.





Black and White Photography done Right 

Once you have it, you love it!



Meditative African bush veld


Browse my exclusive photography series "Reconnecting you to Nature through Art"  

to find the right piece for you

What People are Saying...


Renee Phillips


Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY


"Peter Dooley is a contemporary master in black and white photography"



"Peter’s art is visual poetry that elevates us to a peaceful realm. We bask in the glow of his myriad tones and degrees of luminosity that provide a treasure trove of harmonious modulations and contrasts. His images are meditative, bringing a healing modality to the viewer."



Debra Russell


Art Collector | Artist, 

East Rand, South Africa



"Peter is a master in the art of landscape photography."



"Through his commanding use of black and white, Peter leads the viewer on an emotional journey through Southern Africa's majestic landscapes. His technical knowledge and skill push creative boundaries in the field and his love for his work is evident in every piece he produces.


We were privileged  to view Peter's exhibition in person.  The print we purchased for our collection is so beautiful and visually arresting that every visitor to our home stops in front of it to take it in. They fall as much in love with it as we did when we first saw it.


His unique blend of classic and contemporary provide new perspective into the Southern African wild; whether it be a dramatic storm gathering above ancient baobabs, a powerful yet sensitive portrait of the critically endangered quiver tree or rippled clouds mirroring where desert meets coast. It was a wonderful experience acquiring the artwork from Peter, who is incredibly generous with both his time and knowledge."




Robin Mortarotti


Owner, Mortarotti - Ramirez Productions,

Oakland, California,

United States



"Peter, I am always impressed by how crisp and clean your landscapes are."



"Your images are calming, thought provoking and serene.


You seem to have an uncanny ability to look through the haze and trauma afflicting the world to a more pristine view of what an unspoiled environment looks like, a view humanity has forgotten about or maybe never experienced.


You're an ambassador for environmental change in the face of our climate crisis.


Thank you for sharing these thought provoking views of the world that really gets the viewers attention and hopefully will lead to a sustainable change, before it's too late."




Tammy Marshall 


Art of Print Gallery,

Pretoria, South Africa



"Peter Dooley's Mastery of Black and White Landscape Photography"


"In a world teeming with vibrant colours, Peter Dooley stands as a master of capturing the ethereal beauty of landscapes through the lens of black and white photography.


With a keen eye for composition and a deep understanding of light and shadows, Peter transports viewers into a realm where monochrome becomes a gateway to a heightened sense of emotion and tranquillity.


Peter's photographs possess a remarkable ability to evoke a sense of timelessness, allowing viewers to see the natural world through a different lens. His choice to work exclusively in black and white strips away the distractions of colour, focusing attention solely on the raw elements of nature. Peter's artistry shines within this minimalist palette.


Composition plays a pivotal role in Peter's work. Each frame is meticulously crafted, showcasing a careful balance of elements and an impeccable sense of scale. From sweeping vistas to intimate details, Peter's photographs guide the viewer's gaze with precision. There is a harmonious interplay between light and dark, as shadows dance across the, emphasizing the textures and contours of the natural world.


One striking aspect of Peter's black and white landscapes is his masterful control over tonal range. The grayscale spectrum he employs is rich and nuanced, revealing remarkable depth in every image. From the stark contrast of a rugged mountain peak against a brooding sky to the subtle gradations of mist cascading through magical African plains, Peter's photographs captivate the eye and invite contemplation.


Beyond technical prowess, Peter's photographs possess an undeniable emotional resonance. Each frame exudes a mood—a quiet stillness, a sense of awe, or a contemplative melancholy. It is through the absence of colour that he draws out the emotional essence of the landscapes, allowing viewers to connect on a deeper level. One cannot help but feel a sense of reverence for the majesty and grandeur of nature as portrayed through Peter's lens.


Peter Dooley's mastery of black and white landscape photography is an artistic feat that transcends the limitations of the medium. Through his meticulous composition, expert handling of tonal range, and profound emotional resonance, Peter transports viewers into a realm where nature's beauty is distilled into its purest form. With each photograph, he captures not only the visual splendour but also the intangible spirit that resides within the landscapes.


Peter Dooley's black and white landscapes are a testament to the enduring power of monochrome photography and a testament to his exceptional talent as a photographer"


Tammy Marshall, Art of Print Gallery,

South Africa

Talk With the Artist!


Contact me today to discuss your needs or to answer any questions you may have. You won’t be sent to some salesperson. You’ll talk directly with the artist. Me.


If you’d like to talk, leave your number and most convenient time to call, and I will call you back. I look forward to speaking with you!

Your Unique Journey Begins Here


Collecting photographic art is an increasingly popular hobby. Sir Elton John owns the largest photograph collection and has become one of the world’s most discerning enthusiasts.


You can  join him in these ranks of owning real authentic photography.




Buy Original African Landscape Art

from the exclusive

Peter Dooley "Allure of Africa" collections


When you know where to look, the African countryside is filled with stunning views and one-of-a-kind landscapes.


These awe-inspiring black and white artwoks are all authentic originals captured in actual places, making them a valuable addition to your home. 


"Every photograph of a landscape is an original and can never ever be repeated. You can return to the same place over and over indefinitely and create an infinite number of variations.”

Michael Kenna - World famous black and white landscape photographer.


Large-Scale Artworks have become increasingly popular worldwide. The demand for powerful, attention-grabbing artworks designed to bring lobbies, corridors and large-volumeliving spaces to life, has grown exponentially.


My photographs come with a Certificate of Authenticity, a personal guarantee and a formal return policy.


Browse the online collection today, to find your next piece.




Large-Scale Artworks


Large-Scale Artworks have become increasingly popular worldwide. The demand for powerful, attention-grabbing artworks designed to bring large volume living spaces, lobbies and corridors to life, has grown exponentially. It's not a dream. Black and white photography is real!  Don't get left behind!  


Browse the online collection today, to find your next piece.



Integrity Guarantee


The artworks are all real photographs. The integrity of the original scenes are guaranteed not to have been artificially manipulated in any manner that intends to deceive the viewer.


With the advent of AI and other digital manitulation tools, photographers that are still producing authentic works include world renowned landscape photographers such as Michael Kenna, Paul Reiffer, Vieri Bottazzini and others.


 Vieri Bottazzini  sums it up perfectly when he wrote, “Photography, for me, also means facing - and overcoming - multiple challenges, be them technical or artistic. Solving those challenges through a single shot in camera is what photography is all about. Just to give you a few examples, for me this means no sky replacements, no composites, and no AI, of course.” 



Limited Editions


All artworks are sold as Limited Editions of Ten,  plus two Artist Proofs.


The artist may call on his professional printer to provide a prototype for initial evaluation of print accuracy,

and such prototype may be held by the printer as a 'Printer's Proof'



All images including all work offered for sale on this website are copyright.

Copyright remains the Exclusive property of Peter Dooley. All rights are reserved.

Purchasing of any print does not transfer copyright of the work to the buyer.

Images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, published or transmitted.




Prints are available for purchase by Secure Card Payment or EFT