Recent Art Review -

Black and White Artworks


"Peter Dooley is a contemporary master in black and white photography. His portfolio known as “Allure of Africa” is awe-inspiring and transcendent. His reverence for the beauty that exists in the natural world emanates from his images.


Peter provides a diverse range of breathtaking and majestic visions -- from the ethereal vistas, expansive horizons, and elegant wildlife forms to the tactile dwellings created from natural materials. As we view a pair of giraffes sauntering across the desert we are held in rapture. A winding path in the mist provides us with symbolic references to hope and renewal. The graceful and dynamic trees that rise from the earth and dance in the sky evoke a triumphant presence.


Peter’s art is visual poetry that elevates us to a peaceful realm. We bask in the glow of his myriad tones and degrees of luminosity that provide a treasure trove of harmonious modulations and contrasts. His images are meditative, bringing a healing modality to the viewer.


We can imagine his art illuminating numerous residences, businesses, and healing facilities around the world. 


Peter does not use any digital manipulation in his photographs which ensures an authentic and original capture of the scene he observes. 


It is important for Peter to preserve images in nature that are being threatened by extinction and the destructive impact of human behavior. His art and integrity raise awareness about our responsibility to Mother Earth."


Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY