Return and Refund Policy




I am committed to good business practices and comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa


Physical Goods


Goods that have been damaged in transit may be returned and are fully refundable provided that they are returned in their original packaging within 7 days from delivery and transit damege is reported on daye of delivery.


Goods that are supplied incorrectly will either be replaced or will be fully refundable provided that they are returned in their original packaging with no damage, creases, soiling or fingerprints on the print.


The provision of physical goods by Peter Dooley Photography is subject to availability of printing medium and where required, framing components. In cases of unavailability, Peter Dooley Photography will refund the client in full within 21 days of receipt of payment. 


Goods that have already been printed and delivered in good order are non-returnable and non refundable. 


Goods that have been damaged by handling without appropriate care or hand covering are non-returnable and non refundable. Stubborn fingerprints, scraches and other physical damage to goods invalidates this return and refund policy.




Cancellation of orders prior to commencement of printing will attract a 15% administration and processing fee.


Cancellation of orders  by the client after commencement of printing will attract a 75% cancellation fee.




All prints are quality checked for consistiency before being despatched. Any variations between the tones and/or colours of images displayed on your monitor and the actual prints do not constitute a returnable defect.


It is also important to remenber that the charateristic of the print medium (paper, canvas or silver gelatin) will influence the look and feel of the final print. Please feel free to contact me, the artrist, before placing your order to arrange for a viewing of print samples at our printing partners if you are in any doubt.