• CONQUER HOMESICKNESS: Transformative Art Photography - a proven solution 


    Africa is thought to be one of the hardest continents to emmigrate from. Despite the many valid reasons for leaving the place that people once called “home”, one fact of life will always seem to come back to haunt those leaving the magical landscapes of Africa.


    A British writer and journalist, Brian Jackman , once wrote, “"Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same"


    If the statement above resonates with you and you find yourself feeling the negative effects of missing home, then you are not alone.


    The solution could be as simple as the artwork on your wall.

  • When you know where to look, the African countryside is filled with stunning views and one-of-a-kind landscapes.

    My name is Peter Dooley and I specialize in bringing these views into your business, professional, or residential setting in an elegant black and white format.

    The landscapes that I photograph are found in remote, hard-to-reach places, making them a valuable addition to your home.

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