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Extra Large print being inspected by the artist before shipping


High quality Pigment Ink printing of Archival paper prints


Free Shipping


We provide free worldwide shipping to all major centers worldwide of all rolled paper prints. 



Certificate of Authenticity


 A Certifcate of Authenticity certificate which identifies and authenticates the work of art is issued with each print.




All prints are quality checked for consistiency before being despatched. Variations between the tones of photographs displayed on your monitor and those of the actual prints may be experienced. The artist will check prints to ensure that they look exacly the way that they are intended, no variation and no surprises.


It is also important to remenber that the charateristic of the print medium (paper or silver gelatin) will influence the look and feel of the final print. Please feel free to contact me, the artrist, before placing your order to arrange for a viewing of print samples at our printing facility if you are in any doubt. 



Rolled Archival Prints


Each photographic print is made with gallery quality archival pigment inks on Fine Art paper or Silver Gelatin guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Rolled prints come carefully packed in a protective carboard tube and are ready-to-frame.




Symmetrical Border




Offset Border


Edition prints with white borders are embossed in the border by the artist and contain the hand-written edition number along with a unique serial number on the back.


Silver Gelatin Prints and face mountings are inscribed with a hand-written unique serial number and image details on the reverse side.


Prints can also be framed or face mounted with no white border. Those include a digitized signature made from the artist’s original signature, as well as the handwritten unique serial number and edition details on the back of the mounting.


We rely on the expertise of our skilled master framing partners to handle the optional framing of our fine art prints.


Upon immediate delivery of rolled prints, we highly recommend you send your prints in their protective packaging directly to your framer for careful, professional unrolling of the artwork to protect them from fingerprints and other blemishes or damage.




Traditional Hand Printed Silver gelatin prints




The allure of traditional dark room prints with their rich deep blacks and distinctive organic textures make these traditional hand-made prints a pure pleasure to look at. 


These are valuable works of art that are becoming more and more sought after in this new age of digital photography. There are only a handful of labs worldwide that are capable of producing  these sought-after Silver gelatin black and white prints.


Established in 1874, the traditional exposure/chemical printing process yields an image with deep blacks, organic texture and a timeless look.


Traditional Fibre Paper made of purified wood pulp and is free of impurities harmful to the image, exposed to light and processed in age-old liquid photo chemistry.

Prints are dried on a rack and then flattened in a heat process. 


All Silver gelatin prints are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes / crates to protect your valuable artwork and are ready-to-frame.


The effects of chemical toning make each print unique, midtones, highlights and shadow areas are all effected differently giving your image a depth and beauty that is virtually impossible with a digital processes.


According to research done at the Wilhelm Research Institute - USA,

Silver Gelatin fibre prints are exceptionally fade resistant and have a display life expetancy of 100+ years 


The ability to combine traditional and latest photography techniques to produce a real vintage black and white print is both astounding and exciting!


Printing by hand in the traditional darkroom way is a slow process. Please allow longer lead times on your orders for these prints.



Frames and Mountings to Suit Your Style and Space


Presentation of art is a critically important aspect. The right frame or mounting is all it takes to harmonize the artwork with the environment. 


We have identified printing and framing providers who offer a range of expert framing services and consultancy.


If you choose to use their services, we will gladly have your print order processed by any of them so that you can have your framing and printing done "in-house" to save you time and money.  


Our framing experts bring their own artistry to the project. They will guide you through the framing process and tailor their suggestions to your requirements. Their strong attention to detail allows you to show off your new prints for many years to come.


Framing and mounting are services provided by select third party suppliers  You will deal directly with them and we will be happy to provide you with their direct contact details and introduce you to their management.


Custom Framing for Your Prints

 Custom-built frames are designed and created by the highest skilled craftsmen. You’ll have a choice between the traditional wood frames for a rustic appearance or aluminum frames designed to fit a modern space.


Your Artwork Consultancy


We understand the role and the value of the art on your walls when it comes to conveying identity, style and values. Our select specialised art and framing experts will consult with you for free in order to help you understand what frames might meet your requirements and budget.


Meet Our Expert Fine Art Publishers

I want you to be proud of the photography that you display in your space. That is why I only work with the best printing and framing studios that have an internationally recognized reputation for their artistry. I’ve adopted the highest industry standards so that you can have absolute confidence in the quality of the workmanship.

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Fine Art Printing & Professional Image Reproduction


We have a long and very good relatioship with this highly professional printing company. Nothing is ever left to chance and the attention to detail, service and quality of their work is nothing short of "exceptional"  We are extremely fortunate to have such an amazing team of experts looking after our fine art prints.


Silvertone International was established specifically for the discerning artist and photographer – those demanding the highest standards of image reproduction for books, art catalogues, digital fine art prints (in colour or black & white), B&W film processing and handprints. Drawing on decades of experience, and coupled with the latest digital technology Silvertone can ensure complete control over print detail, colour, contrast, saturation and sharpness. At Silvertone, our personal interest and involvement in each project we undertake are born from an obsession with the photographic process and a love for the printed image. Our objective is always to exceed your expectations, that is why every piece of work is handled with sensitivity and care as we apply our art, to enhance yours.


The Silvertone team is lead by the German perfectionist, Andreas Kahlau with more than 40 years experience in the industry.

Dennis Da Silva

Photograph by Harry De Zitter

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Dennis Da Silva


Hand made Silver Gelatin prints by Dennis Da Silva


Dennis has been in the Photographic Industry for the past 50 years, starting out as an apprentice in the repro industry and then moving on to becoming a commercial Photographer for a few years. Enjoying the technical side of  the industry he then joined a reputable Repro company to start a Professional Photographic studio and Photo-laboratary servicing not only Photographer’s but the advertising industry. The Photolab did all forms of analogue work utilising sate of the art equipment for Processing B/W, E6 Transparency, EP2 Colour negative and hand printing from negative to a colour print and transparency to a positive Cibachrome print.


Dennis travelled to the UK, Europe and the USA many times visiting Kodak, Agfa and many highly respected Photographers and Photolabs including the biggest Photo Trade show in the world Fotokino to gain more expertise and knowledge.


Decades of hands-on experience in all forms of processing and printing, including the highly respected Kodak Dye Transfer, means Dennis is able to draw on a great wealth of photographic printing knowledge. Today he is known as a Master black and white hand printer and continues to print for photographers, artists, collectors, galleries and museums around the world. In 2008 he was presented with the Sony Profoto Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to photography.


For many years Dennis was on the advisory committee for a previously disadvantaged photographic school, the Market Photo Workshop. He holds an Honorary Fellowship from the Professional Photographers of South Africa (PPSA) and is on the management team of the South African Professional Photographers (SAPP), serving as the Facilitator of Accreditation and Judging. Dennis has been a judicator in many prestigious photographic awards both locally and internationally, including being a founder member of the prestigious World Sony Photographic Awards.


After the collapse of film and the introduction of digital Photography Dennis left the analogue and started a Fine art Digital business printing a high standard of work servicing many well known and respected artists and art Photographers.


It was at this time that Dennis became intrigued and interested in the Historic printing processes such as the Salt print, Van Dyke, Cyanotype and the beautiful Platinum / Palladium print, Pinhole Photography and Linocut. Dennis now has a business Alternative Print Workshop working on his own teaching and running workshops related to all analogue and Historic processes.

Arizona, USA 

Hidden Light


Handcrafted Silver Gelatin prints


Hidden Light is based in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. The lab is one of only a few labs in the world that still make traditional handmade black and white photographic prints in a traditional wet darkroom. 

They specialise in silver-gelatin and platinum-palladium printing utilising processes and techniques from the 1850s to today.


The lab has relationships with incredible photographers from around the world sharing their obsession for quality, handmade prints.  

Peter Dooley Photography is pleased to have recently established a print relationship with Hidden Light to provide handcrafted silver-gelatin prints of exceptional quality.


Matt Beaty is the owner of Hidden Light. With a background in photography and marketing, Matt came on board in 2013  

He brought with him a wealth of experience in communications and small business marketing in Flagstaff.


In 2016, Matt joined Hidden Light as a partner and took over the role as the primary platinum/palladium printer. 

Three years later in 2019, he purchased the remainder of the business from Stephen Saunders to become full owner.

He particularly enjoys the creative process in the outdoors and can often be found camping in the wilderness of Northern Arizona on weekends, 

shooting digital or large format, and chatting about photography with anyone who will listen.


“We feel it is important to continue making the finest black and white photographic prints, each print by hand in a traditional wet darkroom. 

Just as the fine craftsmanship is valued in a fine piece of furniture, hand blown glass, or a priceless oil painting, we feel it should also be valued in the creation 

of a handcrafted black and white photographic print.

At Hidden Light LLC we work with many processes including: the traditional black and white silver-gelatin print and Platinum-Palladium. 

We take very seriously the task of making the finest print that can be made, and are always trying to improve what we can do.”

Matt Beaty


Pretoria, South Africa 




Art of Print is a division of Outdoorphoto, the largest photographic store in South Africa. We are proud to have been be associated over many years with this team of dedicated professionals. 


For many years, Outdoorphoto has been the go-to place for excellent service and knowledgeable advice for both enthusiast and professional photographers and videographers alike. With their dedicated printing and framing division, expect no less.


Their gusto for art, photography and their customers’ expectations push them to perform at the highest level, setting their bar extremely high. Their professional services ensure all products are gallery quality. All photographers and artists, both enthusiasts and pros alike can expect nothing but the best from them, which they deliver using the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship.


Printing and framing your images truly is the final and most rewarding step in your photographic art journey. They would love to walk this journey with you making it a pleasant, informative and satisfying experience.


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As the artist, I am available to discuss your specific needs or answer any questions about the work that you might have. You will not be talking to an art salesman, but instead speak directly with me, Peter.


If you would prefer to speak on the phone, leave your number and the best time to call, and I will call you back. I look forward to talking with you!


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