Custom Framing 


Harmonize the Artwork with the your Style and Space!



Choose a style to best showcase the visual image in your space!


Extra Large print (2,2m wide) being inspected by the artist before shipping


Pigment Ink printing of archival paper prints


Free Shipping


We provide free worldwide shipping to all major centers worldwide of all rolled paper prints. 



Certificate of Authenticity


 A Certifcate of Authenticity certificate which identifies and authenticates the work of art is issued with each print.


Rolled Archival Prints


Each print is made with gallery quality archival pigment inks on Fine Art paper or Premium Canvas guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Rolled prints come carefully packed in a protective carboard tube and are ready-to-frame.


Extra wide white borders on fine art paper prints and canvas can be provided upon request. These work very well with black and white images.



Symmetrical Border




Offset Border


Edition prints with white borders are embossed in the border by the artist and contain the hand-written edition number along with a unique serial number on the back.


Silver Gelatin Prints, face mountings, and canvas prints are inscribed with a hand-written unique serial number and image details on the reverse side.


Prints can also be framed or face mounted with no white border. Those include a digitized signature made from the artist’s original signature, as well as the handwritten unique serial number and edition details on the back of the mounting.


We rely on the expertise of our skilled master framing partners to handle the optional framing of our fine art prints.


Upon immediate delivery of rolled prints, we highly recommend you send your prints in their protective packaging directly to your framer for careful, professional unrolling of the artwork to protect them from fingerprints and other blemishes or damage.




Vintage Hand Printed Silver gelatin prints



Time honoured  Selenium-toned Silver gelatin black and white prints for your luxury spaces


The allure of traditional dark room prints with their rich deep blacks and distinctive organic textures make these vintage prints a pure pleasure to look at. 


These are valuable works of art that are becoming more and more sought after in this new age of digital photography. There are only a handful of labs worldwide that are capable of producing  these sought-after Selenium-toned Silver gelatin black and white prints in large format.


Established in 1874, the traditional exposure/chemical printing process yields an image with deep blacks, organic texture and a timeless look.


Traditional Fibre Paper made of purified wood pulp and is free of impurities harmful to the image, exposed to light and processed in age-old liquid photo chemistry.

Prints are dried on a rack and then flattened in a heat process. 


All Silver gelatin prints are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes to protect your valuable artwork and are ready-to-frame.


The effects of chemical toning make each print unique, midtones, highlights and shadow areas are all effected differently giving your image a depth and beauty that is virtually impossible with a digital processes.


According to research done at the Wilhelm Research Institute - USA, Silver Gelatin fibre prints are exceptionally fade resistant and have a display life expetancy of 100+ years 


The ability to combine traditional and latest photography techniques to produce a real vintage black and white print is both astounding and exciting!



Frames and Mountings to Suit Your Style and Space


The right frame or mounting is all it takes to harmonize the artwork with the environment. 


Our printing partners also offer expert framing services. If you choose to use their services, we will gladly have your print order processed by any of them so that you can have your framing and printing done "in-house" to save you time and money.  Our framing experts bring their own artistry to the project. They will guide you through the framing process and tailor their suggestions to your requirements. Their strong attention to detail allows you to show off your new prints for many years to come.


Framing prices and delivery charges are available on request


Custom Framing for Your Prints

We use custom-built frames designed and created by the highest skilled craftsmen. You’ll have a choice between the traditional wood frames for a rustic appearance or aluminum frames designed to fit a modern space.


We will consult with customers to guide you through the final stages of the purchase to match the style that you are looking for. These custom frames are designed to suit your budget.


Your Artwork Consultancy


We understand the role and the value of the art on your walls when it comes to conveying identity, style and values. Our art and framing consultants will consult with you for free in order to help you understand what frames might meet your requirements and budget.


Meet Our Expert Printers

I want you to be proud of the prints you display in your space. That is why I only work with the best printing and framing studios that have an internationally recognized reputation for their artistry. I’ve adopted the highest industry standards so that you can have absolute confidence in the quality of the workmanship.

Johannesburg, South Africa 

Fine Art Printing & Professional Image Reproduction


We have a long and very good relatioship with this highly professional printing company. Nothing is ever left to chance and the attention to detail, service and quality of their work is nothing short of "exceptional"  We are extremely fortunate to have such an amazing team of experts looking after our fine art prints.


Silvertone International was established specifically for the discerning artist and photographer – those demanding the highest standards of image reproduction for books, art catalogues, digital fine art prints (in colour or black & white), B&W film processing and handprints. Drawing on decades of experience, and coupled with the latest digital technology Silvertone can ensure complete control over print detail, colour, contrast, saturation and sharpness. At Silvertone, our personal interest and involvement in each project we undertake are born from an obsession with the photographic process and a love for the printed image. Our objective is always to exceed your expectations, that is why every piece of work is handled with sensitivity and care as we apply our art, to enhance yours.


The Silvertone team is lead by the German perfectionist, Andreas Kahlau with more than 40 years experience in the industry.

Contact Me Today

As the artist, I am available to discuss your specific needs or answer any questions about the work that you might have. You will not be talking to an art salesman, but instead speak directly with me, Peter.


If you would prefer to speak on the phone, leave your number and the best time to call, and I will call you back. I look forward to talking with you!


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