I understand that big orders, loyal customers, passionate art buyers and those just starting out deserve some form of special treatment and that's exactly what you will get.


Everyone is important to me, no matter how big or small the order, and. how far or near your address.


Limited edition prints are sold with a certificate of authenticity. 


All prices  are indicated in EUR(Euro). Payments using ZAR (Rands), USD (Dollars) and GBP (British Pounds) are also accepted



Purchasing Photography Made Easy






The prices that you see on this website are what you pay. There are no surprizes and no hiden costs.


Photographs can be purchased as Ready-to-Frame or Ready-to-Hang


A Place Order  button is located below each photograph in the gallery.


Make your selection of print medium and size in an easy pull down menu on the order form.


Once you submit the order, our automated system will confirm the order and simultaneously despatch your order to be printed.


Whilst your order is being printed, and before shipping, we will send you a 3D secure card payment eBill for payment of your order along with a shipping details request form.. Alternatively, you may choose to use our EFT (bank transfer) option where appropriate.




If you have chosen to have your print framed by our framers, we will ship your print directly to the framer after receipt of your payment for the print. The framing costs including shipping and taxes related thereto will be charged seperatly.


The paper to be used for printing of your photograph will depend on your framing / mounting choice, especially if you chose to have it face mounted or floated. Once we know the details, we will be able to complete the printing process.


We only use high quality fine art paper and will ensure that you get the right paper for best presentation of your artwork,





Rolled paper prints and flat packed Silver Gelatin Prints come Ready-to-Frame . This makes them an affordable choice for your business or luxury space. These are all shipped in protective carboard tubes or cardboard crates and the prints can easily be framed by your local framer  of choice upon arrival.


Please do not open the rolled print as it is much safer to let an experienced framer do this to avoid damage ore kinks.




Administration of payments


All payments and sales documentation is managed and processed by my privately owned company, Barlog Management Systems located in South Africa, a is VAT registered company.


I offer a standard return policy and free shipping to all major centres, worldwide on all rolled prints. 



Large-Scale Artworks


Large-Scale Artworks have become increasingly popular worldwide. 

The demand for powerful, attention-grabbing artworks designed to bring large volume living spaces, lobbies and corridors to life, has grown exponentially.

Don't get left behind!


Browse the online collection today, to find your next piece.