My Story



Born in 1958, I grew up in my family home which is set in a very large garden, a special place where butterflies, birds, bees and children still co-exist today. As a child I learned to appreciate the wonders, peace and serenity of nature. It was in this space that my intuitive feel for landscape forms, textures and shapes was born.


I have spent the past 20 years honing my skills in commercial photography as a freelance photographer, yet my love of and experience with the art form began with my parents.


My father was himself a photographer and began teaching me about photography technique and composition from a young age, while my mother, a Professor of Ikenobo - Japanese Floral Art – gave me a deep appreciation for nature, colour, composition, balance, and design.


Their teachings have led me to create immersive artworks, that are elegant in their simplicity as well as deeply harmonious bringing art forms of nature into the professional and personal spaces of my clients. 


My father's influence led me to an appreciation of black and white photography. So it was is no coincidence that I have added a series of black and white artworks to my African Landscape collection. These works, with their alluring rich blacks and distinctive look are a pure pleasure to look at.






Commercial Career


My career as a professional photographer the past 20 years has come full circle…



My first digital image to gain a place of honour as the cover of a major magazine was of a Honey Bee on an orange Japanese Cosmos flower in my garden. Yet, despite the accolades this early nature art received, I spent many years in commercial photography, an area that while it fed my bank account, never truly fed my soul.


Now, I have fully returned to my roots and to the love I have for combining our natural world with art.


I have in recent years been inspired by how much has been written about the power of experiencing nature both in the home and workplace to transform wellbeing.


In 2020 I held my first exhibition at the 100% Design exhibition space in Midrand, Johannesburg . My theme was "wellness art" and my offering was well received. That opened a number of opportunities to expand my market into the corporate space with success.


I am vehemently drawn to capuring landscapes that convey my artistic voice and bring their story of mankind's apparent disregard for nature, to the eyes of the world.


My artworks, when hung on the walls of my clients, should be a reflection of their style. Naming of my work provides insight into my inspiration for the artwork and leaves room for my clients to bring their own meaning and interpretation of the artwork and ultimately tell their own story.


I invite you to take your time to experience my artwork and with it, the awe-inspiring beauty, peace and serene benefits nature offers.



Artist Statement


"I see my work as a tribute to the natural world, an examination of the conspicuous, the beautiful and the not so. My goal is to create unique art in unusual and remote, hard to reach places.


Rather than carefully stepping around an object and thinking what it might be, I focus on what it is. My process forces me to connect intimately with nature. I don't wait for that perfect sky or romantic sunset but rather capture what I see in front of me and bring it to the eyes of the world. I use nature's fleeting light and deep shadows to uproot thought processes from their private existence and arouse curiosity and intrigue that stimulate visual imagination.


Featured in my work are black and white limited edition prints of the alluring African landscapes captured in the place that I call home. Black and white adds a timeless and authentic quality to the image, emphasizing deep tones that are fundamental to my work. I use rich blacks to portray the saturated emotions that brought me to the space and seek to interpret values that resonate with my own vision."


Peter Dooley